A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Gurflee needs you !

Something went wrong in the mad science world ! Help Gurflee, the cutest blob of the lab,  to escape the laboratory and the evil scientists in it ! 

- Throw Gurflee through the different laboratory's rooms, dodge the obstacles and slime your enemies. 

- To throw Gurflee, just drag your mouse or your finger anywhere on the screen. You can cancel your shot by targeting the wall where Gurflee is on.

- To win, you will need to remove all the scientists with a certain number of shoots. You can either touch the scientists or make a block  fall on top of their heads to get rid of them.

- The less shots it takes you, the more stars you will win! To unlock more levels, you will need a specific number of stars.

- The game is available on PC and Android right now !

Who made Gurflee ?

Credits :

Producer : Benjamin Baptista

Game Designers : Julien Bulanger - Robin Psaila

Game Developpers : Ulysse Raillon - Corentin Lelong - Florent Dappe

Game Artist : Paul Gaffney

Sound Designers : Fabio Persichella - Christian Zerilli - Khalil Djoudi

Music : Khalil Djoudi - Benjamin Lefebvre

Install instructions

PC : 

- Download the .zip . 

- Unzip the File.

- Launch the executable "Gurflee.exe".

Android : 

- Download the APK on your phone.

- Launch the APK to install the application

- Launch the application with the new icon who appears on your phone menu.


PC_V1.0.0.zip 34 MB
V1.0.0.apk 47 MB

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